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Iraq’s Sadr tells militia to keep observing freeze

From the Khaleej Times.

Anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has ordered his Mehdi Army militia to maintain its six-month ceasefire, Sadr’s spokesman said on Thursday, while his militiamen clashed with Iraqi and U.S. soldiers.

Salah al-Ubaidi said the ceasefire, which expires later this month, should continue to be observed until militia members are told it is over or has been renewed.

Some members of Shia cleric Sadr’s bloc are pressuring him not to extend Aug. 29’s freeze on the feared Mehdi Army’s activities, which has been vital to cutting violence in Iraq.

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Large cache, underground bunker system discovered during Operation Phantom Phoenix (Esalwid)

From MNF-I.

Coalition Forces discovered a complex cache site and underground bunker system inside a dense palm grove Jan. 12 near Esalwid, Iraq, during Operation Raider Harvest which is a division-level operation that is part of the countrywide Operation Phantom Phoenix.

Soldiers of Company I, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, found the 70-meter complex, which included a sleeping building, a building for storing food and a building for constructing improvised explosive devices, as well as two underground living bunkers.

Located at the site were numerous weapons and explosives, including various munitions, small arms, more than 10 IED cases, along with numerous other material for making IEDs, and various ammunitions and military gear. Coalition Forces also found several log books containing AQI members with their assigned weapons and a map of IED locations.

A power line leading to the site was traced back to the home of a nearby villager, who was detained along with five of his military-age-male family members.

Coalition Forces are now beginning to get into Al Qaeda's secret lairs. A 70-meter underground complex with sleeping quarters is a significant find. I am sure several move of these complexes will end up being found as Coalition Forces continue into the "Bread Basket" region

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