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Jesus and Muhammad: Major Differences (2)

James Arlandson continues his great comparisons between Muhammad and Jesus in part II of his American Thinker article. In part one, he list the first seven differences.

8. Marriage: One allowed polygamy and had many wives. The other says one man and one woman is best.
9. Dealing with Sexual Sin: One ordered flogging and execution. The other offers forgiveness and restoration.
10. Miracles: One worked no miracles. The other works many of them, even today.
11. Bible Prophecy: One is not mentioned or prophesied in the Bible. The other fulfills prophecy.
12. The Spirit: One restricts and confuses the doctrine of the Spirit. The other freely offers the Spirit as a full Person.
13. Their Roles and Natures: One is only human. The other is both fully human and fully divine.
14. Their deaths: One died of sickness aggravated by poison. The other died on the cross for the sins of the world.

Mr. Arlandson sums up with,

Christianity has been a blessing to the world, especially in the last three hundred years, and particularly in America (and a blessing in the first few centuries—in between yields mixed results). Gradually returning to its New Testament roots, today it offers real freedom and true peace. And in this environment people can grow and live as they want. They can work at their careers in freedom and become prosperous. They can develop new ideas leading to new technology that benefits humanity.

On the other side, many Islamic countries suppress free-speech and dissent. Rarely can anyone criticize the government, and death to anyone who questions the Quran and Islam itself. It is an observable fact that these nations have stagnated economically. Where is a steady progress of technology coming from this part of the world? Too often woman are restricted, and this means half of the world’s brain power is locked up. Thus, throughout the past four hundred or more years, Islam has not been a blessing to societies.

Freedom is better than repression.

Jesus and Christianity offer the first, Muhammad and Islam the second.