"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" - Ronald Reagan

New York

Why Democracy will prevail

Times Online, like many other oufits, has a short piece about Ali Resa Asgari, the Iranian general who is suspected to have defected the the west with his family. While details are sketchy regarding this matter, one aspect that all articles do not touch on is why would a top Iranian general, who has spent the better part of his military career in Lebanon creating and building up Hezbollah suddenly defect?

General Asgari is 63 years old and recently retired. Given his stature, one would assume he has a relatively pleasant life in Iran. Given his age, one would assume he would be enjoying the fruits of his labor and happy to watch the continuation of Hezbollah, which he sowed. However, what we see is an extremely detailed plan to ensure he and his family were able to defect to the west.

People defect because they are not only dissatisfied with their government, but also dissatisfied with their daily life in their own country and the direction their country is going.

Since General Asgari has been in Lebanon, he has seen a country which has battled for democracy the better part of his military career. He has seen a country which has been oppressed, but had at its core democratic undertones. For all its faults, Lebanon is the most free and nonviolent middle easter country. In 2005, he returns to Iran where undoubtedly all he sees is oppression and despair. Recently, he has seen his country move to the brink of war with the world's greatest military power, but apparently decides to defect using the help of this great country.

This fact is striking in that it is one of the reasons America is a great power and will continue its greatness for some time to come. We spread the ideas of individual freedom and democracy. For all our failings, we are the most expressive country in this respect. When others see our flag, the relate it to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, even as they burn it and trample on it.

It is for this reason, that we will prevail over the likes of Osama and Ahmadinejad. It is for this reason that we are attempting to liberate Iraq from oppression and the evils of Saddam. It is for this reason, that other middle eastern countries are fearful of success in Iraq. If Iraq becomes free, where middle eastern men and women can aspire to and attain greatness, it will spell the death of all middle east dictatorships. Though the future of these countries may be turbulent, the ones that move to democracy freely will be the least tumultuous in the process.

For this reason, General Asgari defected to the west. He sees change coming in the middle east as the beacon of democracy, Iraq, is shining brighter everyday. He felt it is patriotic duty to ensure his country, Iran, move to democracy under less tumultuous circumstances. In defecting, he assured that Lebanon, where he spent the better part of his adult life, will remain free.