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What is reality in Iraq and America?

I find it amusing how articles are written with regards to Iraq. The typical media talking points are the U.S. has made erros in Iraq, all hope is lost, or the one I haven't heard recently, a civil war exists. An Associated Press article at Yahoo written by Ravi Nessman provides a great example of these talking points.

Entitled, "U.S. officials, Iraqi leader visit Anbar", the article starts and continues the typical diatribe stating that despite security improvements in Anbar Province, Al Qeada says this or explosion occurred here killing X number of people essentially refuting the original point of the article. Again, that is the typcial article. However this article goes even further at highlighting the MSM's ignorance of the Iraqi war. For example, I cite two conflicting quotes from the article.

Just a few months ago, Anbar was thought to be so strongly in the grip of al-Qaida foreign fighters and Sunni insurgents that it was believed a lost cause, the military officials said.

Compared this to a later sentence.

The fed-up tribal leaders banded together against al-Qaida several months ago and began working with U.S. and Iraqi forces, he said.

Now I understand the reporter is paraphrasing what a military official said, but it gets to my point. How can a few months ago Anbar be so strongly in the grips of Al Qaeda that is was believed a lost cause, but at the same time (actually earlier if we compare the words few to several) several months ago tribal leaders started banding together and begin working with the U.S. and Iraqi government?

One of the situations were obviously in error, but yet what was and is still represented non-stop in the MSM is precisely that Anbar was a lost cause despite commanders on the ground stating just the opposite.

Later in the article, contradictions still occur.

"When we came in here, we didn't get it right with the tribes," Crocker said. "It was just too complicated to figure out at the time, and we ran into a lot of problems. Al-Qaida got it even more wrong."

What is important here is a fact I have pointed out several times before. War is organized chaos. It is not like running a business in competition with other businesses. For example, while Ford, Chevy, and Toyota compete for their share of the car market, they do not go to each other's dealerships or factories and blow them up to ensure their marketshare. In war, the adversaries literally seek to destroy each other formations and logistics in order to gain marketshare.

More to the point, sure the U.S. made mistakes in Iraq, but so has Al Qaeda. The problem is the U.S. mistakes are accentuated in the MSM, while Al Qaeda's are minimized or even ignored all together. The U.S. made several mistakes in WW II, probably the most important was not executing a pre-emptive strike in Germany prior to Hitler consolidating his power and invading Poland and Austria.

Statements like Anbar is lost and the U.S. needs to change direction in Iraq were all the rage six months ago and are still emphasized today in the MSM.

Ford, Chevy, and Toyota make mistakes too as they try to predict what consumers want in the future. Consumer wants and needs are a heck of a lot more predictable than the organized chaos that is war.

It would be nice to see at least one MSM news outlet do just the opposite. Namely, accentuate the U.S. accomplishments and Al Qaeda's failures. But instead, we are constantly given the daily diatribe of a car bomb exploded here, a suicide bomber exploded there questioning the surge's effectiveness.

A surge is needed to restore security in Baghdad, which will result in security across the rest of the country sooner. Without a surge, our continued presence will still result in security. It will just be later than sooner.

I will repeat again what I have stated several times. An insurgency can only persist with the positive support or at the very least tacit support of the populous. The tribes banding together against Al Qaeda in Anbar, and now Diyala, is the death nail of the insurgency.

For all those people who want to secure defeat in Iraq by establishing pointless business timelines do not understand the organized chaos that is war. They wish to artificially establish timelines in Iraq to coincide with election cycles in America. Iraq is not America. Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a new model of car.

It is war and we are the most powerful country in the world because we are the most free. Al Qaeda has no hope of winning in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere if we just have the persistence to see the Global War on Terror through to its end. This fact is something the defeatist Democrats and their partners the MSM do not understand, or more likely wish to hide from the American people.

At times, I truly wonder who we should be at war with, Al Qaeda or the Democrats. I fear, given their attempt to subvert the America I have grown up to love, it should be both.

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