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How about this "fact-driven debate?"

It's Funny Only Until Someone Loses a Pie
Ann Coulter, Human Events Original Article

Liberals enjoy claiming that they are intellectuals, thrilled to engage in a battle of wits. This, they believe, distinguishes them from conservatives, who are religious fanatics who react with impotent rage to opposing ideas.

Global cooling, global warming, and other defunct scientific myths.

Science, Politics and Death
Arthur B. Robinson & Jane M. Orient, The New American Original Article

Easily usable energy is the currency of human progress. Without it, stagnation, regression and untold human deaths will result. The lamentations of the popular press notwithstanding, there is no shortage of energy. Scientists define everything that man can perceive in the natural world as forms of "energy," including all physical objects. These forms of energy differ, however, in how easily mankind can make use of them by means of current technology.

The Johnson confirmation is a win-win scenario, for sound science and for the EPA.

The Science Haters Target Johnson
Gilbert Ross, M.D., TCS Original Article

Stephen L. Johnson, President Bush's nominee as EPA Administrator, is the first career scientist considered for this key position. All agree that the EPA could do with a good dose of science -- or do they?

It is high time that climatologists return to old-fashioned sound science.

Climate Science: In Need of Due Diligence
Hans Labohm, TCS Original Article

At their Summit of 22 and 23 March, European leaders decided to cancel the initial target to reduce CO2 emissions in 2050 by 60% - 80%. But they have upheld the target of a 15%- 30% reduction in 2020. Should this decision be considered as the beginning of 'salami tactics' (one thin slice at a time) to get rid of Kyoto in view of the sobering scientific critique which has been leveled against the man-made global warming hypothesis? Or have the European leaders got second thoughts because of the staggering costs of Kyoto? Probably the latter.

Given the tremendous damage inflicted on Iraqi civil society by more than three decades of dictatorship, the Iraqis are doing remarkably well.

Slow But Steady Progress in Iraq
James Phillips, The Heritage Foundation Original Article

Pessimists have been repeatedly wrong about the prospects for postwar political progress in Iraq. They doubted that the Iraqis would finish writing an interim constitution on time in 2003; they doubted that sovereignty could be transferred to an interim Iraqi government by that constitution’s deadline in 2004; and they doubted that elections could be conducted on the constitution’ ambitious timetable, in January 2005. They were wrong on all counts. And now they bemoan Iraq’s relatively slow progress in forming a transitional government after the January 30th elections.

The "Night Journey" explains how Wahhabism is truly an exteme Muslim ideology.

From Mecca to Jerusalem
Stephen Schwartz, TCS Original Article

I wrote late last year, in a TCS column about the death of a leading Sufi, or spiritual Muslim teacher, who had lived for many years under repressive conditions in the Saudi kingdom. His name was Syed Mohamed Alawi Al-Maliki. As I described him then, he was "a leading representative of the Hejazi tradition in Arabia -- that is, of the culture of Mecca and Medina before its takeover by Wahhabism," the state religion of Saudi Arabia, which is more an ideology than a manifestation of faith.

A judiciary without checks or balances is in our very near future.

Must an Independent Judiciary be a Unilateral Judiciary?
Carroll Andrew Morse, TCS Original Article

Two recent cases, taken together, reveal a systemic problem with the American court system. In Roper v. Simmons, a juvenile death penalty case, the court asserted a right to base it decisions on sources other than law, appealing to both international law and an even murkier "evolving standard of decency". The effect is to deny the other branches of government the ability to check the power of the courts by establishing rules before the courts enter a situation. In the Terri Schiavo case, the federal judiciary cited the precedent of Plaut v. Spendthrift Farm, which expressly denies the right of the other branches of government to check the power of the courts after they have made a decision.

The EU Constitution is far to interfering and complex.

Wary Dutch prepare to strike fatal blow
Anthony Browne, Times (UK) Original Article

JUST three days after the French referendum, citizens of another founding member of the European Union will go to the polls, and they could seal the fate of the constitution. Euroscepticism is riding high in the Netherlands, traditionally one of the most ardent pro-European nations, which is holding its first national referendum on June 1.


Great Granny Guns Would-Be Thief
Ron Word, The Associated Press Original Article

A man accused of bursting into a convenience store demanding money was in the hospital Friday — shot, authorities said, by the great-great-grandmother working behind the counter. Janet Grammer was filling in for the regular clerk Thursday afternoon when a man entered the store waving a gun and fired two shot at the back wall.

If it can be fixed, Newt can fix it.

Task Force on U.N. Overhaul Impressed
NICK WADHAMS, Associated Press Original Article

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the co-chairman of a congressional task force to examine United Nations reform, said Friday he was impressed with U.N. officials' apparent desire to fix the world body. Gingrich, a Republican, said U.N. officials recognized that the opportunity was right after years of promises that had brought no significant change.

Mikati: "We will be the symbol of moderation and national unity."

Najib Mikati Named Lebanon Prime Minister
SAM F. GHATTAS, Associated Press Original Article

Lebanon's president on Friday named moderate pro-Syrian lawmaker Najib Mikati as prime minister, breaking a political deadlock and reviving chances for holding parliamentary elections next month.

Interesting read.

House speaker defends DeLay
Ted Barrett, CNN Original Article

House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Thursday that he fully supports his embattled Majority Leader Tom DeLay and will do so until it's proven he violated the chamber's rules by accepting trips from lobbyists. In an off-camera interview with CNN, Hastert also accused Democrats of fanning the flames while at the same time blocking the House ethics committee from formally organizing because it might clear Delay of possible ethical violations.

Just another example of the utter hypocrisy.

Democrats Losing It Over DeLay
Rush Limbaugh Original Article

RUSH: Last night on Crossfire on CNN, Charlie Rangel is the guest, and Bob Novak says, "Congressman Rangel, can you give us any idea of breaking of House rules, breaking of national law, breaking of the laws of Texas, one example of Congressman DeLay doing any of those things?" RANGEL: God forbid if these allegations were ever made against me in anything, and I would be saying, "Prove it."

Arab countries are not even keeping their minimal promises to assist the Palestinian Authority.

The preachers
Ze'ev Schiff, Haaretz Original Article

The sight of Palestinian laborers crushed to the point of suffocation at the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip, in order to increase their chances of crossing into Israel and finding a day's work to support their families, is depressing and disturbing.

I Corps will reposition to allow better response to Pacific Theater threats.

Japan agrees to realignment of US' 1st Corps
AP Original Article

The Japanese government has agreed to allow the US Army's 1st Corps headquarters to move from its current location in Washington State to Camp Zama outside Tokyo, a report in the Japanese-language daily Asahi Shimbun said yesterday.

Europe can integrate wonderfully without the treaty, and it can just as easily descend into crisis with it as without it.

A French ‘non’ could be the making of EU
Bronwen Maddox, Times (UK) Original Article

WILL it really be a crisis if France votes down the European constitution on May 29? That is certainly the kind of language being used. Jacques Delors, the former EU Commission President, gave warning in an interview published yesterday that “a rejection would lead to a political earthquake in France”. He added that a “no” vote would be a blow for Europe and for France.

Another Ba'athist leader gets his statues removed.

Assad statues in Lebanon removed
UPI Original Article

The Lebanese army Thursday removed a statue of late Syrian President Hafez Assad at the entrance of the main port city of Tyre in south Lebanon.

The double standard continues with the main stream media.

Family Ties; It’s all in the family in D.C., for Dems, too.
Eric Pfeiffer, NRO Original Article

By now, you’ve probably heard that Tom DeLay’s wife and daughter have been on his campaign reelection payroll for several years. What you may not have heard is that this is common practice in Congress, practiced by both parties, and perfectly legal.

Capitalism vs. Socialism. Socialism may win the battle, but Capitalism will alway win the war.

Boeing: A Comeback in the Air
Stanley Holmes, Business Week Original Article

A pending deal with Northwest suggests an aggressive strategy is paying dividends -- and giving rival Airbus a major headache For Boeing (BA ), selling its new, fuel-sipping 787s to Northwest Airlines (NWAC ) -- the world's third-largest Airbus customer -- could prove to be a turning point in the longtime rivalry between the storied airplane makers.

It will be interesting to watch future efforts at unionization in Wal-Marts.

Wal-Mart leaves bitter chill in Quebec
Doug Struck, Washington Post Original Article

The baby buggies are all gone. In electronics, only "Le Gros Albert" and a few other leftover DVDs remain. A few pairs of pink boots are left in the shoe department. Over in household goods, red and yellow liquidation tags dangle beside thin skillets as Wal-Mart prepares to close.

MSM is beginning to realize an information revolution has occurred.

Murdoch urges newspapers to embrace Net
The Age Original Article

Rupert Murdoch has urged newspaper editors to embrace the internet, saying print news executives "sat by and watched" as a generation of digital consumers turned away from newspapers.

Getting closer and closer to the source of the scandal.

3 Indicted in U.N. Oil-For-Food Scandal
LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Original Article

A Texas businessman, along with a Bulgarian and a British citizen, were indicted in a scheme to pay millions of dollars in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime as part of the United Nations' scandal-ridden oil-for-food program, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

An occasional revolution is good for a democracy.

Lebanon's Pro-Syrian Coalition in Disarray
Nadim Ladki, Reuters Original Article

Lebanon's pro-Syrian political coalition was in disarray on Thursday, with a key figure saying he could no longer work with President Emile Lahoud, another top ally of Damascus.

What 10' pink elephant standing in the middle of the room?

Tom DeLay, Sandy Berger, and the Right's 'Silly' Belief in Media Bias
Linda Chavez, Human Events Original Article

Tom DeLay is in a heap of trouble -- or so the media would have you believe. For weeks now, the front pages of the Washington Post and New York Times have hammered away at the House majority leader for a series of supposed transgressions. Some editorial staffer at the New York Times went so far as to try to persuade former Republican Congressman Bob Livingston to write an op-ed calling for DeLay to step aside for the good of the party, according to columnist Robert Novak. But what exactly is it that Tom DeLay is alleged to have done?

A totally and absolutely illogical inference. Put another way, this guy is an idiot.

The real secret to happiness: higher taxes
Ross Gittins, The Age Original Article

According to monkeys, high taxes can make us work less and live more, writes Ross Gittins. With so many businesspeople, economists and politicians banging away, you would have to be pretty slow not to have got the message: what our economy desperately needs is a lowering of income tax rates, particularly the punishing top rate of 48.5 per cent.

Karzai is securing Afghanistan's democratic future.

Afghanistan to Request Long-Term U.S. Protection
Reuters Original Article

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Wednesday he planned to ask President Bush for long-term security protection for Afghanistan. But in a joint news conference in Kabul, both he and visiting Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sidestepped questions as to whether this would involve permanent U.S. bases.

Email to Bolton: "Westermann's behavior had been "inappropriate," that "we screwed up" and that "it won't happen again."

U.N. Pick Called Bully Who Abused His Power
Sonni Efron, LA Times Original Article

The State Department's former intelligence chief testified Tuesday that John R. Bolton was a "serial abuser" of underlings who tried to remove an intelligence analyst who disagreed with him and was "a quintessential kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy."

Guess the Lebanonese just want democratic elections and not more political maneuvering.

Lebanon PM Resigns, Says Still Time for Elections
Tom Perry, Reuters Original Article

Lebanon's pro-Syrian prime minister quit on Wednesday, abandoning efforts to form a government to lead the country to general elections, but said there was still time to hold the poll on time in May.

Interesting that this article does not mention that Ford never witnessed the cited "abuse" firsthand.

Bolton Appears Headed for Confirmation
BARRY SCHWEID, AP Original Article

John R. Bolton appeared a step closer to confirmation as ambassador to the United Nations despite scathing testimony Tuesday by a former State Department intelligence chief that he was a "serial abuser" of analysts who disagreed with his hard-line views.

This is truly one heck of a gesture.

Sharon Offers to Leave Gaza Homes Intact
GAVIN RABINOWITZ, Associated Press Original Article

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has offered to leave homes in the Gaza strip settlements intact if the Palestinians cooperate with Israel during the Gaza pullout this summer.

Walmart leads to inner city revitalization.

Understanding the Wal-Mart Effect
Max Borders, TCS Original Article

Wal-Mart is rarely the object of such praise. To be the best is usually to be the object of scorn. Wal-Mart knows this well. They are the best, and their critics would have you believe that the mammoth retail chain earned its laurels through unfair competition, civic destruction, even third world exploitation.

Global Warming debunked in Australia-Warmer climates cause rise in CO2; not the other way around.

Debate Down Under
Alan Oxley, TCS Original Article

Last week the post-Kyoto future was debated in Australia during three conferences. The British Government and the US-based Pew Centre supported conferences urging extension of the Kyoto model to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Energy companies backed the third conference which contrasted the strategy of development of low emission technologies favored by the Bush Administration and the Howard Government in Australia with the Kyoto-style model.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of property"

The Dream Deferred?
James Pinkerton, TCS Original Article

Is it really the Republican Party's goal to reduce the wealth of its core constituency, which is middle-class homeowners? Moreover, is it really the mission of the GOP to have fewer folks own their own homes in the future? Most profoundly, is it really the purpose of the leadership of the 109th Congress to reverse the nation's two-century commitment toward widening the circle of ownership -- a commitment that has saved this country from lefty proletarianization and destructive class warfare?

A bit of a double standard here. Bet we will not see this on TV or in newspapers.

U.N. Covers Up Payments to Journalists
AIM Original Article

When conservative commentator Armstrong Williams was exposed for taking money from the Bush administration, his credibility was cast into doubt and news organizations expressed regrets for having had him on the air to comment on public policy issues. Williams was tainted by a conflict of interest that should have been revealed to the viewing audience. He was said to be a channel for Bush administration propaganda. What about U.N. propaganda?

There are no provisions in the Patriot Act that undermine the principles of our Constitution.

Law doesn't erode liberties
Senator Jeff Sessions, USA Today Original Article

The Patriot Act is a necessary and constitutional response to the terrorist attacks on the United States. These attacks demonstrated many weaknesses in our legal system's ability to find and stop those who would attack.

Iranian nuclear program at a “very advanced” stage.

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush
AFP Original Article

Ariel Sharon’s military attache presented aerial photos of Iranian nuclear installations during the Israeli prime minister’s summit with US President George W. Bush, Israeli public radio reported on Tuesday.

Bringing the troops home from Europe.

US army to reduce ground forces in Europe to 24,000
AFP Original Article

The United States is going to reduce the number of American ground soldiers stationed in Europe to 24,000 from the current 64,000 troops within the next five to 10 years, a US army spokeswoman said.

Israelis not backing off from construction in Maaleh Adumim territory.

West Bank Jewish Settlements Continue
ALON BERNSTEIN, Associated Press Original Article

Bulldozers cleared rubble and cranes hoisted equipment Tuesday in the largest West Bank settlement a day after criticism from President Bush that clouded a Texas summit with Israel's prime minister. Israel says the work is taking place within existing boundaries and does not constitute expansion.