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Abu Ayyub al-Masri Dead?

Reuters at Yahoo reports that Abu Ayyub al-Masri, leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq has been killed. While yet unconfirmed, what is more interesting is who may have apparently killed him.

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was killed on Tuesday in an internal fight between insurgents north of Baghdad, the Interior Ministry spokesman said.

As I have stated before, Sunnis are no longer passively or actively supporting Al Qaeda. In fact, they are actively seeking out Al Qaeda and it members for destruction.

An insurgency cannot persist without the popular or passive support of the populous. With several tribes in Anbar and Diyala now going against Al Qaeda, its ability to continue insurgent operations is diminishing rapidly. Whether or not al-Masri is dead or alive, the fact is the insurgency being broken by the populous.

The surge in Baghdad by coalition and Iraqi forces has pushed Al Qaeda out of Baghdad, where the city provided them both anonymity and the ability to stage spectacular attacks for propaganda value. Both of these are now lost by Al Qaeda as Baghdad remains relatively peaceful.

The once safe haven of Anbar is no longer safe as the Anbar Salvation Council is actively pursuing Al Qaeda in Iraq. Now Diyala, with the Sunni Triangle, is also not safe for Al Qaeda.

While Congress attempts to ensure US defeat in Iraq, the populous, the young Iraqi government, and Iraqi forces are beginning to show unanimity, courage, and valor. It took the US to capture Saddam and kill Al Zarqawi. It has taken Iraqi Forces to secure Baghdad. But the people may have killed Al Masri. And the people will ensure the insurgents destruction.

The beacon of light that is Iraq is shining brighter and brighter everyday. It is beginning to grow and mature. It is beginning to prosper. It is this beacon of light that will bring down Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and the other dictatorships in the region. This very fact is why Al Qaeda has made Iraq its central front in the Long War.

Far from being a lost war as Senator Reid would have us believe, Operation Iraqi Freedom is beginning to be another successful operation in the Long War. Every place that Al Qaeda tries to conquer, ends in the same way. The populous starts out afraid, providing passive support. Slowly, with US assistance, the populous begins to unite. Al Qaeda begins to alienate the populous as it enacts it harsh Sharia law, stifling individual freedoms and the pursuit of happiness. It is at this point that the populous unites to drive out Al Qaeda. This point has now been reached in Iraq.

Iran has lost as it will no longer be able to extend it reach to the Mediterranean. Al Qaeda has lost as it will no longer be able to establish a Caliphate in birthplace of civilization. Saudi Arabia has lost as its best hope to spread Wahhabism, namely Al Qaeda. As the new democracy in Iraq takes hold and begins to flourish, the red crescent continues to wane.

This fact is why many nations in the Middle East did not and do not support US involvement in Iraq. As Iraq becomes economically stronger, it will become bolder, and its democracy will become brighter. One year from now, Iraq will be relatively peaceful. It will be interesting to see how the defeatist Democrats swallow that pill in a presidental election year. Ten years from now, Iraq will be the economic powerhouse in the Middle East. It will also be interesting to see how surrounding Middle East nations swallow that pill.

Iraqis have a long and deep history. Iraq was the cradle of civilization and will become the major player in the Middle East within the decade. The democracy of Iraq will forever change this region of the globe.

I can only say, Thank You, President Bush. Thank You Mr. President for having the boldness and foresight to understand we cannot let tyrannies persist in the Middle East. Thank You for freeing 25 million Iraqis. Thank You for freeing the Middle East. What Ronald Reagan did for Eastern Europe, George Bush is doing for the Middle East. While President Bush is in no way as charismatic as Ronald Reagan was, his accomplishments will also ring true because once people get a taste of democracy they do not look back.

All this good news while the Senate Majority Leader is running around like Chicken Little saying the sky is falling in Iraq. All this while the Speaker of the House refuses to meet the General that is making this freedom happen. Some are born great. Others are just born. I, for one, would rather be on the side of greatness, on the side of democracy, on the side of freedom. For all those who say America is on the wane as the greatest generation that fought for our freedoms in WWII pass on, they forget that the Millenial generation is here to takes its place.

In April of 2003 when I was in Iraq, a good friend told me that we were at a pivotal point of history, as significant as the height of the Roman Empire. I told him that the height of the Roman Empire marked the decline of the Roman Empire. Earl, I just have to say that once again you have shown me the light. As I assist in training the Millenial generation, I am amazed at how modest and straight forward this new generation is. They want to do better than their grandfathers. They believe in democracy. They believe in freedom. They believe in America and what it stands for. They believe so much that they are putting their lives on the line and answering the call. They understand what our founding fathers knew and what the greatest generation understood, freedom is not free.

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