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Fascinating: The Jihadists Admit Defeat in Iraq

From Nibras Kazimi at the Talisman Gate.

Furthermore, I want to point out something even more critical: this defeat is not only a tactical one for the jihadists; this defeat is strategic in essence since it snuffs out their dream of resurrecting the caliphate, the raison d’être of modern jihad.

Mr. Kazimi points out the reduction of Al Qaeda attacks (from their own website).

He demonstrated that while Al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq could claim 334 operations in Nov. 06 and 292 in May 07, their violent output dropped to 25 in Nov. 07 and 16 so far in May 08. Keep in mind that these assessments are based on Al-Qaeda's own numbers.

From 334 to 16 in May 08. Mr. Kazimi point out the that this defeat is not only tactical, but strategic due to Iraq being central to Al Qaeda's fulfillment of the caliphate.

For a full read, click here.

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