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Two Saudi al Qaeda operatives killed in Mosul

MNF-I reports the following today.

The terrorists killed during an operation Wednesday [27 February] in Mosul have been positively identified as Jar Allah, also known as Abu Yasir al-Saudi, and Hamdan.

Abu Yasir al-Saudi was the Southeast Mosul Emir for al-Qaeda in Iraq and led a foreign terrorist facilitation network in the city....

Hamdan was involved in coordinating the movement of foreign terrorists into Mosul, and led a regional anti-aircraft ring.

While The Jamestown Foundation reports the following.

On January 28, a jihadist internet forum member nicknamed “al-Battar al-Salafi” posted a set of instructions entitled: "Urgent: How to migrate to Iraq and reach al-Qaim and Mosul provinces; Migration road."

One wonders whether there is a connection here or not. First, Hamdan, who coordinated movement of foreign terrorists was killed on Wednesday and then on Thursday Jihadist post an "Urgent: How to migrate to Iraq..." message. This linkage makes one wonder if Abu Yasir al-Saudi was just the Southeast Mosul Emir for al-Qaeda in Iraq or somebody more important. Likewise was Hamdan one of several foreign terrorists movement facilitators or the main guy for moving foreign terrorists?

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