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Iraq's Jihad Myths

From the Washington Post.

Among Democrats and even many Republicans, it is by now accepted wisdom that the war in Iraq brought huge numbers of holy warriors to the anti-American cause. But is it true? I don't think so.

Reuel Marc Gerecht elaborates further.

Regarding the Iraq war and jihadism, two facts stand out.

First, if we make a comparison with the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-89, which was the baptismal font for al-Qaeda, what's most striking is how few foreign holy warriors have gone to Mesopotamia since the U.S. invasion in 2003....

A second striking fact about Islamism and the Iraq war is that the arrival of foreign holy warriors is deradicalizing the local population -- the exact opposite of what happened in Afghanistan.


More important, the gruesome anti-Shiite tactics of extremist groups, combined with the much-quoted statements made by former Sunni insurgents about the positive actions of the United States in Iraq, have caused a great deal of intellectual turbulence in the Arab world.

In Iraq, Salafist were indiscriminately killing Muslims. Shiite Militias were indiscriminately killing Muslims. Americans have always acted to protect both sides, functioning as the arbiters in this region. In addition, Americans continue to die to promote democracy with representation from Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds. Finally, it is clear, we are not after Iraqi's oil wealth. All of these facts produced the "intellectual turbulence" seen in Iraq. The infidel (the US) gained respect while Muslims lost respect.

From a more Muslim perspective, this "intellectual turbulence" is also noticed in recent writings of Syrian sheikh 'Abd Al-Mun'im Mustafa Halima, who is also known as Abu Baseer Al-Tartousi, from his article, "On the Jihad in Iraq". He noted three points which has caused the jihad in Iraq to suffer.

1. Exaggeration of the Sins of Rival Groups

2. Use of force to settle disagreement among Jihad Groups.

3. Blindly following extremists.

While in this article, Al-Tartousi was condemning Sunni Awakening groups with his three points, his three points point clearly to Al Qaeda and created "intellectual turbulence" not only among Sunni Awakening groups in Iraq, but also among Muslims in general. When looking at these three points, it is clear the infidel (the US) is following these three points more closely than fellow Muslims.

For all the mistakes made or not made in Iraq, one thing is clear. By maintaining the moral high ground in Iraq, the US has gained powerful allies in the region and has also created "intellectual turbulence" among Muslims. For their part, many Muslim dictators are sitting out this batttle as they know that a successful democracy in Iraq will lead to their own downfall, increasing "intellectual turbulence" among Muslims in the region. The only nation which has kept up the "faith", for sake of a better term, is the US (the infidel).

When all were saying withdraw, one was saying surge. That surge has amplified the "intellectual turbulence" of Muslims and Islamic nations. That surge has started Muslims to become introspective. Instrospection is the main thing that Islam has been lacking. It is the main reason Muslims and Islam have stagnated and have not joined others in the last or current century. It is the main reason that Muslims have resorted to suicide killings which indiscriminantly kill not only infidels, but Muslims alike.

One country, America, led by one president, Bush, has caused this introspection within Islam. One coutnry, America, led by one president, Bush, took a bold step to put a democracy in the center of the Middle East.

The status quo has been forever changed in the Middle East. Islam is becoming introspective. A democratic nation has been planted in the center of the Middle East. Freedom and democracy is now possible for all Muslims. Al Qaeda on the otherhand only offers death and despair.

At times it is hard to accept change, especially when the change that is most needed is offered by an infidel. This very fact is creating the "intellectual turbulence" being observed within Islam. Christianity caused this "intellectual turbelence" in Judaism 2000 years ago and forever changed this religion. Two thousand years later, Christianity is doing the same for Islam. I am sure Jesus Christ would be proud of what his religion has done for the world. I am sure that Jesus Christ would be proud of America and its President.

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